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new beginnings

So… I am nose to the grindstone working on all kinds of new projects and cool things.  I am in the midst of a rebranding experience which leaves me little time for maintaining the blog here…

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So many awesome-amazing-cool-nifty things that are coming down the pike!  I can’t wait to share the new beginnings…




Breathe | Charleston Freelance Photographer

My mind is brimming with ideas and my calendar is full of projects.  I have missed posting regularly all of the wonderful things I get to be a part of as a photographer. I am so blessed to have the best clients in the world… and to have so many of them makes me well up a little in gratitude.  My heart is full!  I have wanted to share so many things with you all, but sadly at this time of year, there are so many people who are in present buying mode that I am sworn to secrecy!  It is killing me! Look out for the deluge in the new year of all the pent up photos!

So I thought today I would share this little delight with you.  I found it on my way back to my car after a recent event that I was shooting.  I was hot and tired and my feet hurt.  But then I stopped. The light was delicious.  I was just lost in the perfection of the scene in front of me.  I caught my breath, cleared my mind, and my feet stopped throbbing so badly.  I thought that if this scene could do that for me, I would share it with you too.

Take 60 seconds to gaze and breathe.  The madness of the season is just beginning.  So my gift to you all is one minute.  One minute to for joy. Sixty seconds for a smile. One sixtieth of an hour of stillness.  It may be tiny, but if you let it, it might just brighten your entire day.

Enjoy  🙂

R.I.P. Buddy

In the past year I have decided to focus more on the Pet Photography portion of my business.   I love working with pets and their owners, it’s so fun to play for a living!  Now, don’t get me wrong… it’s hard work, but even the boring office parts are a little easier when I am ultimately doing what I love.

But each time I complete a session I feel ‘the tinge’.  I think it’s because I have had dogs, dear, precious dogs to me pass away.  I feel the tinge that I just captured something fleeting, forever.  I know the pain of loss, so each time I click the shutter I feel that I am helping a dog owner hold on to the moment, the personality, the quirk, the memory of love, for always.

I saw a post on Facebook this morning of a friend’s dog, that I had never met or photographed, had passed away. I commented my condolences with a heavy heart.  But that prompted a comment from a past client that I was not expecting.  Buddy, dear Buddy, is no longer with us.  He passed August 11, 2011.  He was a rescue with special needs and Patsy took him in because her house was already outfitted with ramps from a previous dog with disabilities.  It was difficult for him to move around when I met him, but his spirit… was lively and as loving as a puppy.  Anytime I hear of a rescue dog with physical limitations, I think of Buddy.  His physical limitations did nothing to hinder his loving spirit. 

I am not sure why the tears surprised me.  Then I realized that other than our own dog Jasmine, I have not been notified of the passing of any dog that I have photographed.  I knew that it would happen.  And it will again.  I feel it a tiny bit each session that I have, but my fears have never come true… until today.

Hold your furry ones a bit closer today.  I am off to snuggle with Peanut and Calliope in the middle of the day.  Because they are here.


After this posted I received a call from a blog in AUSTRALIA (!) that wanted to feature dear Buddy.   Check it out at

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

So… we moved. I don’t think I even took a minute to mention here on the blog.  Still living out of boxes a bit as I scheduled myself a normal schedule, drastically underestimating the toll a move would take.  (They are just movers, Laura, not magicians.)  So I have a million things to post and tell you all about!  Tomorrow I’ll catch you up on all the goings on at Laura Olsen Imagery.  But today, I breathe. This non stop roller coaster is going uphill slowly today.  Peanut, Calliope & I are taking a minute to enjoy the new digs.

Is it just the full wall of windows or are they more beautiful here?

This is Peanut giving Calliope the equivalent of bunny ears in this photo. Such a camera hog! 🙂

B says I favor Calliope over Peanut. Exhibit A: Peanut's idea of personal space.


Three little pups from the wood

Meet Spruce, Jasper (a.k.a. Possum) and Cedar.  Just three little pups from the wood trying to make it.

B rescued these little ones from a little tiny town about an hour away.  When he brought them in to Pet Helpers they were mal-nourished, dehydrated and petrified.  But after a few days with us, residing in the guest bathroom, they are more like three adorable little rock stars.  Definitely not still Jenny from the block, if you get my drift.

Round the clock room service, anything  they want, whenever they want it.  And then they trash the place before heading off to make someone else swoon for them.  Sigh.


If you know anyone interested in a small Huskie mix, comment below or call/go to Pet Helpers!  They are eight weeks old.  We’ll have them til the end of the week and then it’s on to find their forever home.


Rude Britches

This morning my jeans and I got into a fight. I told them to button up.  They told me, “Not until you go on a diet!”.  Rude Britches.

But Calliope just wagged her tail and insisted that I am weird to photograph my jeans, but she loves me anyway.   The story of my life.

Valentine’s Day

I have been so busy with work lately that I have been a bit neglectful.  So I took a few minutes this morning to make heart shaped white chocolate pancakes to make it up to my patient boy.  Absolution by breakfast in bed.  Delicious.