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Coffee | Charelston Photography

hope & union doesn't serve decaf. they respect the brew.

I just heard about this new site called Klout.  It gives you a score based on your social media interactions.  Being highly competitive by nature I had to sign up and crush the competition!  What’s funny is that it told me that I am an expert on Photography and Charleston (I knew that, but thank you for noticing!)  But what I thought was funny is that it said I was an expert on … Coffee!

I was photographing an event recently and was introduced to someone who said, ” Yeah, I know you… you’re the photographer who knows good coffee!”  Seriously!  My caffeine sniffer is known far and wide! Albeit I had just redone my website ‘About Me’ page and had included a few interesting things about myself (my undying love for Ethiopian coffee was among the salacious revelations about me included) in addition to the standard “I take pictures of stuff” info that a bio usually contains.

So to keep up my reputation I thought I should share more coffee-type stuff on my blog.  Enjoy!