Ask and ye shall receive | Charleston Freelance Photographer

ImageI had the great fortune to photograph the King Street Shop Walk last evening. And after photographing as many of the 67 participating shops as possible along the event route I collapsed in a cold wrought iron chair in the courtyard of the Charleston Place Hotel. We had been chatting about the unseasonably beautiful weather we have had this December, which I noted was the reason I call Charleston home. (When the temperature dips below 70 degrees I turn on the heated seats in the car. Not now nor ever will be known as a snow bunny.) Someone had just said how the only thing missing in Charleston is the changing of the seasons. Many transplants love the weather but lament the loss of blazing color during the autumn season.  As I was contemplating this I sighed and threw my head back to behold this scene. It took my breath away.

Seeing this reminded me once more that what you choose to see will be shown to you.  What you ask for you will receive. I asked for wonderful, meaningful friendships and to see and capture beauty everywhere I go.  Guess what I got?

What have you asked for lately?


About laolsen

Charleston, South Carolina based Lifestyle photographer, artist, and all around creative maven. She lives on James Island with her two adorable pound puppies, Peanut and Calliope. View all posts by laolsen

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