Ayoka <3 Jett | Charleston Pet Photographer

Often when I come ‘back to the ranch’ after a photo shoot and I am having a first look at my images from the session, there will be one in the bunch that makes me stop and stare for a minute. It may have been a quick snap on the way to another pose or it could be the one that I worked so hard to achieve. Either way, I just stop. I take a minute to let the moment sink in. It’s seeing the CONNECTION of two beings that makes me catch my breath. That is what I am always trying to do, but connection is so elusive, so fleeting. We connect and disconnect a million times a day from the ones that we love. Including our animals.

That’s why I love pet sessions. It makes us stop all the running around that we do on a daily basis, and just focus on the connection that we have with these wonderful creatures that are always here, just waiting for us… to connect.


About laolsen

Charleston, South Carolina based Lifestyle photographer, artist, and all around creative maven. She lives on James Island with her two adorable pound puppies, Peanut and Calliope. View all posts by laolsen

One response to “Ayoka <3 Jett | Charleston Pet Photographer

  • Joy

    I love what you are doing with your pet imagery projects. This is a great service for pet lovers and you are leading the way for pet photography in Charleston and beyond. It’s a privilege to know you!

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