Zen at the Beach

Easter on the beach.  It was so beautiful you couldn’t help but feel a bit spiritual while wandering the beach under the enormous blue sky.  I am so glad the Zentenos were such good sports about the long trek to the peaceful side of Folly Beach that glorious Sunday afternoon.

The walk is forever, but it’s sooo worth it to get to “the most beautiful little spot you’ve ever seen”, I promised.  And it is, just a little slice of heaven… but as the song says, “Every rose has it’s thorne…”  (Yes, I just quoted Brett Michaels).  Thorns in the form of  cactus needles.  These things were MEAN!  No wonder this beautiful little haven isn’t over run by tourists…. hrrmmm.  Eddie, sorry about your foot.  Hope yours is healing as nicely as mine.

But anything that’s worth having is worth fighting for… (I’m sure that’s another song lyric too, but I digress) This family knows that better than most, having been through it’s share of trials.  So we pressed on, as people with cactus needles in their feet – miles away from civilization do. We changed gears, played on the rocks… where cacti are not wont to grow. I think it turned out heavenly.  To see a slideshow of more of this wonderful day, click here.


About laolsen

Charleston, South Carolina based Lifestyle photographer, artist, and all around creative maven. She lives on James Island with her two adorable pound puppies, Peanut and Calliope. View all posts by laolsen

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