Captain & Alexis

Oh my goodness!  What do you get when you combine an adorable lumbering dog, a cute little book worm, a super cool-super secret Charleston location?  Um, hello!  Do you see these images!?  Magic!  It was so amazing to watch Alexis come to life in front of my lens.  I know her as the smart, soft spoken, volunteer at Pet Helpers.  Little did I know that she is fierce when given the chance.

It was the first warm afternoon of the year.  Can you see the Spring fever in her eyes?  We were so giddy to be outdoors  playing and twirling in the sunlight.  I think Captain was most excited about all the new smells. 🙂  I have so many favorites from the day that I don’t have room for them all but I suppose I could sneak a few more…


About laolsen

Charleston, South Carolina based Lifestyle photographer, artist, and all around creative maven. She lives on James Island with her two adorable pound puppies, Peanut and Calliope. View all posts by laolsen

One response to “Captain & Alexis

  • Tara

    LOOOOOVE. LOOOOOVE. LOOOOOVE this! I’m just dying to shoot. I do have this entire weekend free FINALLY! I’m just trying to figure out do I go home, do I stay here and approach random people in a park (not likely) or go to CHARLESTON!

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